Prenuptial agreements are not for everyone, but for some people they are invaluable. Most clients have a specific reason for needing a prenuptial agreement. The most common reasons are to protect children from a prior marriage, to protect a business interest, to ensure an inheritance, or to address a significant disparity in net worth. The Massachusetts courts have created a system of requirements for the validity of a prenuptial agreement, so competent counsel is a must.

We offer the following prenuptial agreement services.

Counsel for the Economically Advantaged Spouse

Representation of the economically advantaged spouse involves ascertaining their needs and goals, formulating solutions, and transforming them into a comprehensive and coherent contract. We then negotiate the terms with counsel for the other (future) spouse until we reach a final agreement.

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Counsel for the Economically Disadvantaged Spouse

When representing the economically disadvantaged spouse, we must first accept that the advantaged spouse has some interest which they are trying to protect. However, protecting this interest should not mean that the disadvantaged spouse is left out in the cold. We strive to protect our client, to ensure that they understand their legal rights, and to provide a framework in which he or she would be fairly treated during a future divorce.

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